About Medicetics

Medicetics is a UK Doctor trained clinic that specialises in non-surgical cosmetic treatments and skin surgery. We offer a holistic approach to skin care, formulating bespoke programmes that will benefit you; from mesotherapy and skin peels to botox and dermal fillers.

Our initial consultation involves a detailed assessment which leads to a treatment plan. Based on the themes of NOURISH, RESTORE and PROTECT we take into account all aspects of our clients individual facial aesthetic, with the goal of restoring and maintaining their sense of vitality and wellbeing.

What’s right for you

Our service is person centred and we truly believe that cosmetic procedure is best seen within the overall context of a healthy lifestyle. We also understand that everybody likes to have a few late nights now and then, or perhaps work later hours than they would like to. So, we help you get back what has been taken by the sheer pace of modern life, using science backed and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. We really enjoy helping you to look after yourself and your appearance.

As part of any treatment, we offer a consultation to identify which areas are of concern to you. Many women spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on treatments that are often not targeted at the area they would really like to fix. We like to discuss treatment options and then depending on your level of commitment both in time and financially, we offer a treatment programme that suits you and your needs.

We provide a high level of clinical standards in our purpose designed clinic. We love making a contribution to people’s sense of well being and are committed to being at the forefront of developments in aesthetic medicine. We have links in the USA, Australia and Europe and we are constantly searching for the latest tried and tested treatments.

Our Connaught Street Clinic

Our sparkling white flagship clinic in Connaught Street, London W2 has a boutique feel and has been thoughtfully designed for us. It accommodates our state of the art equipment and reflects our love of design, as well as providing a comfortable place to relax in. When you get here, after entering through the discreet entrance you can relax with coffee or a health drink. Afterwards, you are taken to have your face scanned by a specialist computer system in preparation for your consultation.

You are then led downstairs for treatment where one of our doctors will meet you and take you through your initial consultation and treatment. We make time to discuss issues, expectations and analysis of your facial pictures. Then we’ll produce a treatment plan and execution of the first treatment.

The highest of medical standards

Medicetics is registered as a private skin and laser clinic with the Healthcare Commission Certificate no. 1-39204009. This is the government body that regulates the standard of care in independent clinics. By law all laser clinics should be registered with this body. We welcome regulation into the industry as our high standards easily meet the required level. To check a clinics registration either go to the Healthcare Commission website or call the helpline on 0845 601 3012.