" Have you got something that’s niggling you and feel you’d just be better off without it? Some people feel sensitive about moles, freckles, dark patches of skin or the onset of prematurely ageing skin - and there are many clinics across the UK that can help eliminate all of these things. But I have yet to have as pleasant an experience as I did when I popped into Medicetics in London. Run by husband and wife team Dr. Geoffrey Mullan and Dr. Vicky Dondos, Medicetics is a sparkling white clinic with a boutique feel. The couple’s love of design is one of the first things you notice upon entering, alongside the friendly and warm service you receive. Dr. Mullan explained that after nine years of working in the NHS (at eight of the top London teaching hospitals) he wanted to work in a bright, clean space with state of the art equipment. Medicetics certainly has that. With a BSc in Endocrinology, specialising in anti-ageing medicine, Dr Mullan was admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons in 2005 and trained in head, neck, and facial plastic surgery. His wife, Dr Vicky Dondos, is also a qualified medical doctor and acupuncturist with a degree in psychology. As well as performing cosmetic procedures, Dr Dondos also provides advice on skincare regimens. I went to visit Medicetics because I wanted to have a mole removed. It had bothered me ever since I was at school and at the not-so-tender age of 32, the time had come to do something about it. Unbelievably this mole, which had niggled me for more than two decades, was removed in about, 10 minutes. Dr Mullan immediately put me at my ease before the procedure and explained how simple, painless and quick it would be. He asked me if I had any questions, chatted with me through the surgery and then sent me on my way. Just like that, the job was done. Excellent, friendly and efficient service – and to think I’d felt nervous before going in. With 90% of mole removals, the mole is sent away for testing, just to check everything is ok, and the patient is informed of the results within three weeks of the operation. A follow-up consultation is also given four weeks after the operation."

* Sensitive about your moles?

MSN's Nicole O'Neil has a mole removed
"I had suffered from hyperhidrosis my whole adult life (I'm now 37) and had found ways to deal with it...predominantly wearing black; always carrying an extra top with me. It had simply become a way of life. After chancing upon an article about Botox I carefully researched practitioners and am absolutely ecstatic with the results. I've had a 100% improvement. Dr. Amy Hermon Taylor immediately put me at ease and talked me through the procedure in-depth. It has quite simply been a game-changer. I'm now looking forward to the hot months and being able to wear what I want. My only regret is not having done it years ago. I can't recommend Medicetics highly enough and couldn't have felt in safer hands.""

* I had suffered from hyperhidrosis my whole adult life...(Hyperhidrosis)

"I was treated recently at the Medicetics clinic by Dr. Mullan. I was very happy with the care that I received. Dr. Mullan is a good listener. He is a kind person and a skilled practitioner. I found the support staff at the clinic to be very pleasant and efficient. The facilities were comfortable and modern. Overall I was extremely pleased with the advice I received and with the treatment results I obtained. I felt I was in very capable hands. (* Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.)"

* I felt I was in very capable hands... (Cutera)

"After plenty of research, I decided to book an appointment for mole removal on my face with Mr. Geoff Mullan. I was initially very nervous, having previously had a mole removed from my face and the results being disappointing. I can honestly say 2 weeks after the procedure with Geoff Mullan I can see much better results than the previous treatment I´d had. The area is very flat considering it´s only 2 weeks old. Mr. Mullan assured me the results would be successful. I was still nervous but he was very professional and calming. I will definitely visit Medicedics again and have highly recommended Geoff Mullan to friends and family.""

* I will definitely visit Medicedics again... (Mole Removal)

Sarah Woodford
"I Froze Away My Mummy Tummy,It is as though some invisible hand had gently shaved off a few centimetres. It’s not a dramatic change. But it’s enough to make me book in for more."

* Beauty Sleuth (Coolsculpting)

Sarah Vine
"I was always very self-conscious of the mole on my face and I never realised until now how much a mole can impact your level of confidence. Although I had seriously thought about having my facial mole removed on several occasions, unfortunately my fear of an injection was too big a fear and I always managed to talk myself out of the whole situation- by trying to convince myself it was part of me and that there were other individuals/ professionals that lived with their facial moles,so why couldn't I? I finally plucked up the courage and contacted Medicetics, which offer a free consultation (which lessened the pressure on me, if I decide not to go ahead) with Dr. Mullans (Surgeon) which was really important to me, as opposed to seeing a sales person or manager etc... Despite Dr. Mullans being a highly regarded Surgeon (within his sector) he seriously exceeded my expectations as a Surgeon. Dr. Mullans is a very charismatic and professional Surgeon (with a personality) that makes you feel completely at ease and was genuinely happy to spend the time to discuss every aspect of the surgery in details (different types of moles, the procedure involved, expectations, possible implications etc) prior to surgery. I asked every possible question you could think and was never made to feel stupid at any point and furthermore I was NOT pressurised into having surgery. Dr. Mullans constantly reassured me and repeated the steps whilst conducting the surgery, which created greater reassurance and peace of mind on my part! Following my surgery (2-3 days later), I received an email to ensure that I was happy with the procedure and there was no scarring along with confirmation from that the lab that the mole was not malignant. Approximately a week after my mole was removed it was completely healed with no visible scarring so that you would never have guessed that I had a mole in the first place! I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank-you" to Dr. Mullans and his staff as they were absolutely and I'm going back to have a 2nd mole removed! (* Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.)"

* I never realised until now how much a mole can impact your level of confidence... (Mole Removal)

Fiona A. London
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