"A worrisome mole that had been growing quite quickly . I got an appointment within 2 days and results of the tests of the mole back in another two. The type of service I'm used to getting it back home but rarely get in London."

* The type of service I'm used to getting it back home but rarely get in London (Mole Removal)

Hanna C - Holborn /Texas USA
"I had a couple of really annoying skin tags I got from surfing and I used to catch them all the time when I was shaving, after ruining yet another shirt I decided to get them taken off. The whole thing only took 25 minutes, no scar after two weeks and I was able to have it done after work. Really professional, happy to recommend."

* Really professional.. (Skin Tags)

Mike T., Islington
"I was really surprised how easy the whole process was. I had been agonising over whether to have a mole on my face removed but was scared of leaving a scar. Although Dr. Mullan told me it might take 2-3 months for my scar to settle down it has already disappeared after 6 weeks and it didn't hurt at all. (* Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.)"

* I was really surprised how easy the whole process was (Mole Removal)

Claire H., Notting Hill
"I've been having Botox® for over 5 years now and been to four different clinics. Medicetics is the first one that has been happy to see me as a follow up after two weeks to make sure I am happy with the treatment. They take pictures before and after treatments and you always get to see the same Doctor, not some sales person. They provide a proper service, I have never had to wait longer than 5 or 10 minutes as opposed to the 2 hours I am used to at some other clinics and they will go out of their way to get you an appointment that suits you. I'm not being precious but when I pay for expensive treatments I expect to be treated professionally and I am delighted to have found you guys. Well done, some of us do still appreciate good service, you have won me over for sure"

* I am delighted to have found Medicetics... (Botox)

Paul G. BA Steward
"* I really hate needles and although I have wanted to have Botox® for that big frown line between my eyes so finally, I thought I'd give it a go. What an idiot, it hurt less than having my eyebrows plucked. So now no more wrinkles and no dent! Thanks, Dr. Dondos"

* It hurt less than having my eyebrows plucked... (Botox)

Lisa S. Southwark London
"Just wanted to say thanks for my recent treatment at your clinic. Dr. Melinda Dommisse was really helpful and talked me through the different options. The procedure to remove my mole was really quick and painless and the site has since healed well. And all done in such beautifully designed surroundings - thank you..."

* Really quick and painless...(Mole Removal)

Simon G. London
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