My beauty cheat sheet: 36 years of beauty and makeup life-changers

After 36 years on this planet, this is the beauty wisdom I am passing down to you. Yes, I am old and wise, like an owl (although I’m sure you would call me more of a panda with the undereye makeup that’s rolling down my face at 12:30am in writing this…).

1. Adopt a skincare advocate
After turning 36 last year, the best advice I was given and followed, was to find a skincare advocate. Enter Dr. Vicky Dondos – aka my certified skincare guru. When I first met Vicky she was brutally honest with me, like no one had ever been before. But, she delivered her message gently and in an informative manner. There isn’t much I’ll do to my skin without first running it by this lady. And when it comes to the more serious stuff in the future… yes, I’m sure they’ll be botox and beyond… Vicky is going to be the only one I trust. While I’m a little scared to freely give out her name, I’m also proud to have found someone that I feel I can scream and shout, loud and proud, about. Get an advocate, and if you’re in London call Vicky.

2. H2O
Backstage at Victoria’s Secret, three years ago, one of the supermodels told me her biggest secret to success was water and admitted to drinking up to six liters a day to keep her skin in top form. I’m not sure how healthy that much water really is (and my goodness she must always be in the bathroom), but two liters a day can make all the difference.

3. Hey, fishy.
Omega 3s, lovelies! Eat salmon as much as you possibly can. Victoria Beckham has admitted to eating it every meal after receiving this as a top skincare tip. They say beauty comes from within, well they weren’t lying. Start your skincare regime with how you feed yourself.

4. The power of double cleansing
I’m not even going to go into this in detail, I’ll let Caroline Hirons, the mama of beauty itself, tell you all you need to know. And I’ll just say that this lovely lady has released the product we’ve all been waiting for after her advice on the double cleansing issue – a double cleanser with Pixi, out January 10th!

5. Cold Plasma
I swear every time I mention the name of this product people all think I’m doing something rather complex and tricky with my skincare. While Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma is in fact a miracle worker, the application is anything but tricky. It’s a simple slap on and run and it is the one product I have used for my skin since I turned 30. Every other month I invest in a bottle and not a day, in six years, has gone by when I haven’t used this product. It’s my one beauty constant and I’ve recommended it in every beauty interview I’ve ever done, to every family member I have and even to random girls with common skincare problems on the tube. Yes, they probably think I’m demented.

6. The Hair Stylist
Again, this comes under the guru section of your life. You need a haircare advocate. This is the person that’s close enough to you that he or she will tell you when you are being ridiculous in a hair request. Fancy going platinum blonde or chopping it all off? This person should be the one to say, “you’re crazy and I won’t do it.” Everyone else on this earth is just around to earn a paycheck. Find someone that has your best interests at heart and only see them! My love affair with hair is with Josh Ress Hole at Urban Retreat at Harrods. We met at a press launch and I’m hopelessly obsessed. It also doesn’t hurt that he is devastatingly good looking.

7. Keep all your hair
In the age race, our hair is usually, sadly, one of the first things to suffer. We start to loose more of it, it becomes harder to manage and, well, it goes grey. While I can’t stop time, or colour change, I can recommend a line of products that I have been using for a year now, that’s helped me get the best out of the head of hair I’ve been given. It’s called Aveda Invati. It’s an investment in time and money, but my hair has never felt more optimistic about its future. Oh how ridiculous that sounds, yet truthful.

8. Sleep on silk
I remember as a kid always thinking that sleeping on silk would be the most decadent thing ever. Well, these days you can get a great silk pillowcase anywhere and it’s the easiest change in your beauty regime. It’s literally just sleeping on a different pillowcase, which will lead to less wrinkles on your face and happier and healthier hair in the long run. Bliss. (also check out the Silke Hair Wrap, if you’re more interested in just keeping the hair on the road to happiness)

9. Brush it out
This one’s for everyone, but in particular for those with unruly hair (and for those who have children with such problems). The best thing I ever bought for my hair was a Wet Brush. This can get through any knot or tangle without as much as an “ouch” from the user. It’s magic. I’m not kidding you. They should rename it. I always put this in stockings and it ends up being the unexpected highlight of Christmas. But people, wet brushes aren’t just for Christmas!

10. Rough dry your hair with an old t-shirt to banish frizz and dry hair quickly!

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