Beauty Frontline: 5 New Treatments on Trail

Hi- tech interventions promise the world when it comes to anti-ageing, but do they really work? Our fearless beauty explorers try five causing the biggest buzz right now.

Before: I’ve never given much thought to my lips. They take after my dad’s I think, and are reasonably plump. In my twenties men commented on them. Now,though like everything else, my lips are not what they used to be, a little less luscious, less defined. I’m under no illusion that they will ever again look like the rose buds of yesterday, but, despite, the number of obviously altered lips I have witnessed on most celebs over the age of 40, there have been some promising new fillers and techniques rolled out over the past 12 months.

During: I decide to try the 5- point Lip Lift at Medicetics, where Dr Geoffrey Mullan is earning himself a reputation for doing natural – looking alterations, and this particular iteration works for everyone, he says. Two reasons it works so well : first, Volift is a relatively new filler that is more watery than some traditional fillers, making it easier to use, and gives more natural results; second, no injections are made into the lip, only in five key points around the border. “By injecting these points, I can make the lip sit out a bit more. When they’re balanced and even on each side, it creates a prettier looking lift, not the “done” look at all.” The injections themselves don’t hurt as my lips have been completely numbed by two (painless) dental blocks injected straight into my mouth and the whole thing is over in about 20 mintues. Afterwards, there is some lift swelling and a tiny bruise on my top lip.

After: Within a week , everything has subsided and I can appreciate the full effect of my lip lift. It’s fabulous totally natural – looking, but firmer and more defined. The procedure has also evened out my bottom lip, so it all looks fuller, without being fake. I find myself applying lipstick and lipgloss at every opportunity it’s just so enjoyable and enhances the results of the lift. Another advantage of the Volift is it lasts longer than many other fillers and I should be able to enjoy my new lips for as long as 18 months. Result.
Lasts: 18 months
The 5 – Point Lip Lift at Medicetics costs from £450

Before: I am possible the least likely candidate for a beauty treatment trial. I’m distinctly low-maintenance, relying more on good genes than a good skin care routine. But since turning 40, all that has changed. Age, motherhood, an office – bound career and late nights have somehow conspired and my previously plump skin suddenly looks grey and lined. Dermapen is the latest version of dermarolling, which uses needles to temporarily damage the skin and trick it into producing more collagen, and already has a good reputation. The difference is Dermapen ‘has adjustable needles and causes less surface damage to skin’, according to Dr Vicky Dondos, who recently introduced it into her clinic. The results should be even better.

During: A thick anaesthetic cream is applied to my face and left for 40 minutes. Little wonder, then, that the treatment itself is pretty painless. As she works away Dr Dondos explains that the pen makes it easier to work depper when skin needs it and go easy where it’s thinner or more sensitive, than with the roller. It takes her 30 minutes to do my whole face and by the end my skin is tingling, though not painful.

After: Despite my skin looking pretty gory in the immediate aftermath – it’s bleeding all over from hundreds of tiny, red pin pricks – it soon clears, and by the time I get back to work, the blood wiped and the redness covered by some make- up applied at the clinic, I look pretty normal. The redness lasts for a few days, as well as breaking out into spots at one point. But 10 days later, I can see what the fuss is about. My skin looks plumper and more radiant; fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead have also eased. Guidelines recommend a course of three of four treatments for the best possible results. I’ve already booked.
Lasts: 18 months
The 5 – Point Lip Lift at Medicetics costs from £450