What the beauty gurus buy

What the beauty gurus buy: From a £7 moisturising mist to the ultimate nail file, the beauty industry’s most powerful women reveal how they look this good.

Fiona McIntosh

Founder of beauty on-demand mobile app Blow Ltd (

On speed dial: Dr Vicky Dondos (, anti-wrinkle injections from £270). I was terrified of a frozen forehead with Botox, but Vicky is fantastic. I see her every six months for these very subtle sprinkles that stop me looking tired and saggy and as if I’ve had a really good night’s sleep. 

Can’t live without: Alpha-H Liquid Gold (£33.50,, a gentle facial exfoliant I use three times a week before bed. It keeps my skin glowing.

Brilliant bargain: Vichy’s Mineral 89 (£22, As you get older, skin gets drier. This serum, used morning and night, seems instantly to plump it up.

Little luxury: Treatments at home via Blow Ltd. I’m biased, but I love a pedicure (from £40) and a weekly blow-dry (from £40) at home — it’s so convenient.

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