Body Contouring Using Cryolipolysis

Mr Geoffrey Mullan provides an overview of cryolipolysis for body contouring and presents a case study of a successful treatment.

Patients’ desire to improve their silhouette has led to a demand for treatments that improve the body’s contours. There is also a desire to improve the laxity and/or tone of the skin,1,2 reduce lymphoedema, and alter the appearance of cellulite.3 It is important to note that the most popular treatments to contour the body are directed at removing deposits of adipocytes.4,5 Surgical approaches to target the body’s fat are invasive treatments that involve breaching the skin or excision of the skin with the subcutaneous fat, such as in abdominoplasty.

Liposuction has long been regarded as an effective way to remove fat from the face and body, and was reported to be the most popular cosmetic surgical treatment in the US in 2016.4,5 However, nowadays a large group of patients seek treatments that are less invasive, with low recovery time, so may wish to receive noninvasively treatments instead. Numerous non-surgical devices work on various levels, and target fat removal, skin tightening and lymphatic massage.

These devices utilise many modalities such as: low power laser,6 radiofrequency,1,2 high-intensity focused ultrasound,7 mechanical vacuum massage to improve lymphatic drainage along with the appearance of cellulite,3 and more recently, cryolipolysis.8,9 In my opinion, body contouring treatments should not be aimed at weight loss but, rather, the correction of asymmetries or areas of lipodystrophy that are stubborn to shift, to attain an improvement of the silhouette in individuals with a healthy body mass index (BMI). For the purpose of this article, I shall be focusing on body contouring using cryolipolysis.

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