Customisable foundation can help you find your perfect skin tone match

Metro October 2021

This summer Kate Winslet revealed that she uses two shades of foundation. Why? Not for extravagance but to tackle her cyclically changing skin tone. She said that at the start of her period, her skin tone looks more even but by the middle it flares up and becomes redder.

‘Hormonal fluctuations driven by oestrogen and progesterone can change the skin’s tone and texture,’ says Dr Vicky Dondos, cosmetic doctor and author of The Positive Ageing Plan.

‘The skin’s natural defence barrier can become more permeable just before your period, reducing its immune function and letting in more irritants. It’s also a tough time in terms of mood and sleep. Together, they all impact the skin, making it duller and more prone to flare-ups.’

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