Reduce the appearance of red thread veins for a year

Anti-aging secrets that no one but you need know about: My nose is leaving me red-faced. What can I do about it?

Q I have dark red thread veins around my nose, making it look sore. Concealers do not work. Can you help?

First things first — you’re definitely not alone in this; Dr Vicky Dondos of London’s Medicetics Clinic says 80 per cent of her patients use concealer every day to try to cover redness around the nose.

This is such a common problem because the skin is thinner here, especially with age, so any dilation of the veins will show.

A popular treatment is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), a sort of sub-laser that heats the vessels so they collapse and seal, giving ‘a fantastic immediate improvement’. However, says Vicky, ‘I find that vessels around the nose often spring back within weeks, so in this area I prefer to use Excel V, a green laser that gives far longer-lasting results.’ Your nose veins will be zapped over the course of 15 minutes: the sensation is like pinpricks — no anaesthetic required.

‘Vessels usually disappear immediately, but you’ll need two to three treatments, four weeks apart, for results that will last a year at the very least.’

Some temporary bruising is possible, but that’ll be the last time you use your concealer!

Medicetics charges £526 for three nose Excel-V sessions or three half-face IPL sessions. Prices vary around the country.

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