Hello November 2016

Hello November 2016

What are the signs of really good Botox and filler? According to cosmetic experts, there are none, which is what makes these ‘tweakments’ so popular with people who want the subtlest of helping hands.

This difference between still life and the moving image explains why actresses need the subtlest work. It also explains why so many are able to deny having had anything done. “Many women – and men – in the public eye deny having work done because done properly, it is very subtle and takes a little-and-often approach,” says Dr. Geoff Mullen. He and his wife, Dr. Vicky Dondas run London skin clinic Medicetics, and both excel at the new subtle approach to injectables. “For filler, I often do not inject the cheek at all, but instead do the temple and hairline to subtly lift the cheek area. For lips, I might not fill the lip itself, but simply the vermillion border or the philtrum above the lips. It is not a question of filling where there are a line and wrinkle, that is a very old-fashioned approach.”

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