Apres-Ski & Winter Red Faces

Ski season, as fun as it is, can play havoc with our skin. And even if you didn’t go skiing, you would have braved the freezing temperatures in the UK (unless you were lucky enough to have been somewhere hot!) Having a healthy glow is one thing, but to be red and flushed is quite another, and if you’re a sufferer of Rosacea, as 1 in 10 people are, then you will know all about this.

Anything from extreme cold, sunshine, exercise, stress to alcohol or spicy food can set it off. The condition varies in severity and can include flushing/blushing easily, a red inflamed rash and even pustules/papules (bumpy spots). Women are more prone to it whereas men tend to get it more severely. There is much debate as to the cause, but impaired barrier function tends to play a part.

Excel V at Medicetics

We are one of only a few of clinics in the UK that offer Excel V – an advanced vascular laser technology. It is the most powerful treatment of its type currently on the market, using the combined power of two wavelengths for optimum skin penetration with immediate results, and considerably reduced treatment time. The laser penetrates deep into the skin to destroy the veins with immense precision and minimal discomfort thanks to the built-in cooling tip. Your body then disposes of them naturally restoring that youthful fresh-faced glow.

Excel V Treatment in London

Get in touch today to book your appointment; we’d be more than happy to hear from you and answer any questions you might have. We offer a bespoke treatment service at Medicetics that is tailored to your individual needs following an in-depth consultation and assessment process. With Excel V at Medicetics, you can face the coming weeks as we enter Spring with confidence!