For The Bride

Botox with Vicky Dondos

The lowdown. Have you noticed that you always frown when you have your photo taken?  gorgeous smile, sunny expression, but your eyebrows cant help pulling together, making you look a bit…frazzled. Go and see Dr Dondos. She’s a pro at putting first-timers at ease, talking you through the benefits of Botox, how to avoid the plank-for-a-forehead look and why just a few tiny injections will do wonders for your wedding pics. The chat is the long bit – but the treatment?  It’s over in seconds, the only giveaway a little redness where she’s injected. Book two months ahead, then you can beam your heart out on the day.

Our Verdict. Dr Dondos has the lightest of touches, so no one will be any wiser. Not even your husband-to-be.