Get the Gloss – March 2019

Her cutting-edge knowledge and subtle use of injectables mean Dr Vicky Dondos has a waiting list of months. No matter how much we love the feel of a facial scrub, chemical exfoliants work better on older skin. I like salicylic acid and have yet to find anything better than Epionce Lytic Lotion, about £54. Over 40, you need a softer approach to Botox – fl atten out the wrinkles too much and you start to lose plumpness. I go lightly on crow’s feet and dial down forehead Botox, supplementing it with a little fi ller instead.

Skin changes after menopause can mean our favourite creams often don’t work as well. This is where new-generation injectable moisturisers come in. I’ve started seeing great results with Profh ilo – 10 injections quench skin and let you keep going with the products you love. (Lasts about six months.)

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