Is 60 the danger zone for women’s health?

As Anthea Turner refers to ‘the danger zone of life’, experts suggest 13 ways to mitigate the health risks that creep up on us at 60.

Ditch the processed food

“Digestive enzymes decrease after the age of 60,” explains Dr Geoff Mullan, co-founder of the preventive health platform, Human People. “That’s why we often see deficiencies in the elderly. So you’ve got to be more careful with your diet to get enough nutrients. At 60 you can’t get away with eating rubbish any more.”

Another reason to ditch processed foods is salt. “It’s important to keep an eye on your salt intake,” says Stevenson, “as that can make an appreciable difference to blood pressure.” So skip the takeaways and ready meals in favour of plenty of fruit and veg. “There’s a lot of talk about five portions a day,” he adds, “but I think four portions is fine and anything at all is beneficial.”

Get your full quota of sleep

“Sleep is a clearing out process,” says Mullan. “It gets rid of the toxic waste in the brain which can cause inflammation. That’s why people who sleep less (than they need), are at greater risk of dementia at a younger age.” The majority of us need seven to eight hours a night, but the key thing is to turn in when you feel sleepy. If you need an alarm clock to wake up, you need to go to bed earlier. If you wake up naturally you’ll know you’ve met your sleep needs.

Add Vitamins A and C to your skincare regime

“Skin is generally dry in our 60s, so now is time to switch to a richer moisturiser. Vitamin A and C will help you get your glow back – everyone needs Vitamin C in the morning and Vitamin A at night,” says Dr Vicky Dondos, author of the Positive Ageing Plan. “A prescription strength retin A is best after the menopause, but if your skin can’t take it, start with 0.3 per cent and work up to 1 per cent.  It will improve the function of all the skin layers, help the dermis stay plump and support the elastin. It will also slow collagen breakdown and stimulate collagen production.”
Switching to a richer moisturiser, like Epionce Intensive, will help replenish dry 60-something skin.

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