Laser Genesis™ brings Advanced ‘Skin Laundry’ to Medicetics

Skin Laundry in London

It’s no secret that the Skin Laundry treatments available in Liberty, London, have taken off in a very big way. These quick, time-saving laser facials refresh and deep clean the skin, leaving you instantly refreshed and looking fabulous. The only downside is the two-month waiting list! But still, once you’re in, what could possibly be better?

Well, at Medicetics, Laser Genesis™ Skin Therapy can achieve all of the benefits of Skin Laundry – and more. In fact, Skin Laundry facials are literally just a lighter version of the Genesis capabilities.

What are the benefits of Laser Genesis™?

Improves appearance of wrinkles and boosts collagen – Laser Genesis™ improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through collagen remodelling and fibroblast stimulation.

Reduces redness and rosacea – 80% of our patients experience varying degrees of facial redness or rosacea in the winter months. Laser Genesis™ reduces redness, evening out skin tone without needing to use heavy make-up.

Improves the appearance of pores – and gives an instant lift/skin-tightening effect with a gorgeous glow that lasts for around 10 days.

Safe for all skin types – Laser Genesis™ is appropriate for treating all Fitzpatrick skin types.

Painless – Treatment with Laser Genesis™ has been described by our patients as feeling like a ‘warm sensation’ on the skin, and not at all painful.

No downtime – You can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment, making this a very popular choice for patients with a busy life.

A comprehensive range of treatment levels – At Medicetics, we are able to offer different treatment levels with Laser Genesis™, as outlined below:

Laser Genesis™ – Treatment Levels at Medicetics

Laser Genesis™ BOOST – An effective, but easy on the skin, 25-minute ‘face-fix’ facial. Also fantastic as a ‘bolt on’ treatment, immediately before Botox or Fillers.

Laser Genesis™ PAMPER – Refresh, reboot and relax with this 45 minute facial. DIrt is vapourised and bacteria removed, leaving your skin tighter and brighter with a soft smooth finish.

Laser Genesis™ PLUS – A comprehensive, three-tiered and layered approach. This cutting edge combination of NdYAG laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and LED Phototherapy is the ultimate zero-downtime laser and light facial.
No preparation is required; this is a 45 minute treatment which will instantly lift, smooth, minimize pores and give you a brighter more even complexion.Medicetics

What’s in it for me in terms of benefits?

You can expect the following immediate benefits from your Laser Genesis™ facial:

  • Bacteria are removed, dirt is vaporised
  • Glowing, even complexion

For more information on our Laser Genesis™ treatment levels and pricing, please click here.

Laser Facials at Medicetics

Dr Vicky Dondos on Laser Genesis™ at Medicetics:

“It’s incredibly effective, but also incredibly easy on the skin – perfect for anyone who’s a little bit wary of lasers. The result is plumped up, even-toned, flashbulb friendly skin. Many of my patients use Laser Genesis as a pre-party ‘facial’, for a little lift and a great glow. But more than this, it can give you the confidence to go make-up free after a course of treatments!”

Interested? It couldn’t be easier to book a consultation for a Laser Genesis™ treatment here at Medicetics. You can use our new online booking form or give us a call on 020 7402 2033.