Is it possible to improve my lips without looking like a duck?

The Truth About Lip Fillers

We are delighted to welcome one of London’s leading lip specialists to the Medicetics team. Dr. Sepideh Etemad-Shahidi, or Dr Sepi, as she is known to her clients, is a dentist turned aesthetic practitioner, who graduated from the prestigious King’s College London (CK) University in 2013. After spending 5 years honing her skills and perfecting the delicate dexterity demanded by dentistry, Dr Sepi has turned her skills to the world of medical aesthetics, specialising in botox and filler treatments.

By way of an introduction, here is an excerpt from when Dr. Vicky interviewed her recently re. whether it’s really possible to improve lips and not look ‘done’..

Why do you Love treating lips?

A good smile is so important, don’t you think? Smile and eyes are what people look at first; there’s plenty of research showing how far a good smile can get you in life!
And considering my dental background it only makes sense that I enjoying working in and around the mouth; it’s where I feel most at home.

So why do we see so many ‘bad lips’ out there?!

The first thing I look at when assessing lips for treatment is … teeth. I can’t help myself! But it’s so important. The exact same treatment, same product, same volume of filler can look amazing or disastrous simply because of protruding teeth, or even a forward jutting lower jaw. It’s so important to treat each patient as an individual and work with their specific features always in mind.

You have a reputation for never turning a patient seeking ‘lip augmentation’ away – braver than me!

Well, not never. Certain conditions make a good, even result very difficult to achieve. Previous trauma or surgery, any scar tissue in or around the lips for example. Another example is somebody with an upturned nose, where a strong muscle is pulling the top lip upwards: no amount of filler or skill is going to result in even, natural-looking fuller lips in this case.

However… there are usually other options to improve a look, the impression your smile makes. Sometimes more subtly than is being requested, but nonetheless worth doing. Upper lip lines, (the ‘barcode’) can be softened, lip shape can be tweaked and defined without always adding fullness, proportions/ asymmetry can be adjusted and hydration can always be boosted!

How do you manage patient’s expectations and keep them realistic?

Patients may come into the clinic with significant asymmetry of the lips, which we can camouflage, but not correct completely. One side of the lip might be higher; it may be your ‘dominant side’, or you may have a certain habit with the way you speak. At rest, your lips can look symmetrical, but on movement it can be a different story – adding fillers may not be the answer in this case. Everyone is asymmetrical by nature, and we cannot correct nature. I get asked for ‘Kylie Jenner lips’ all the time, but you need to have the basic anatomical foundation for this.

Some celebrities may have also had surgery or permanent fillers/implants which they haven’t revealed, so that has to be taken into consideration too. Educating the clients about anatomy and the limitations of fillers is key to ensuring successful results and well-managed expectations. In some cases, patients may request a look which is not considered anatomically normal, for example, they want their upper lip made bigger than the lower. This would not be anatomically correct, and since we always act in our patients’ best interest, we would never EVER do something that would result in anything but perfection for our patients!

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