Men and cosmetic surgery: why Robbie is not alone.

The Time October 2016

More British men are getting Botox, fillers, and eye-lifts (now the most popular procedure). Alice Hart-Davis reports.

When a man as high-profile as Robbie Williams admits to having Botox and fillers and “something done to my chin”, as he explained at an awards ceremony last week, you know that the stigma that has shrouded cosmetic procedures in secrecy is beginning to soften. Admittedly Williams lives in celeb-land in Los Angeles, where plenty of men have serious facial plastic surgery, and Botox and fillers are entry-level stuff. Simon Cowell once remarked dismissively that having Botox was like brushing your teeth; the effect is temporary. Even in the UK men are increasingly curious about how cosmetic procedures can help them. The ratio is one man to every four women (25 per cent) for non-surgical procedures such as Botox, fat-freezing and laser hair removal, and fewer than one to every ten (9 per cent) for surgeries such as eyelifts and male breast reduction.

“It’s more about wellness than anti ageing,” says Dr Geoff Mullan, of Medicetics.“We see a lot of fit, triathlon-obsessed cycling fanatics who have volume loss in the face, which really ages them. We can take away that hollow look and help men look less tired.”

Men and cosmetic surgery: why Robbie is not alone in the Times