New-Gen Botox On Trial

Red Magazine

Red’s beauty director, Annabel Meggeson, is hoping the new style of Botox is all it will take to look younger. She heads to Medicetics in central London to find out.

My Expectations:
I’ve tried lifting and firming treatments involving heat, radio frequency and light with questionable results, while my experience with fillers has made me nervous about trying them again. It wasn’t bad, but it did change my face in an unexpected way. I want to see if Botox – now more sophisticated in its application – can be enough. To my mind, it should be able to create subtle, youthfiying effects without changing the planes of my face (I don’t want to risk looking worse). It can be given in small doses that at worst may not make a difference and if it does go horribly wrong, the stuff wears off after a few months. In other words, it feels like a beauty boundary I can afford to explore.

What I Had:
I’m given tiny, painless injections in my forehead, hairline and brows to ease wrinkles and encourage a nice lift. (I like my bold brows, but they’re quite straight and can look heavy.) I’m injected around my eyes to smooth wrinkles, and from the corners of my lips down to my chin. This helps lift the mouth, which can droop as you age. I’m also injected along my jaw, down to my chin. This helps lift the mouth, which can droop with as you age. I’m also injected along my jaw, down my neck and even in the sides of my nose. Normally, fillers are used to adjust the size and shape of noses (if you’re not having surgery), but Botox, which is easier to administer, is used more to make little tweaks. In my case, the idea is to prevent my nose bunching up when I smile, making it look smaller and neater.

Did It Work:
The changes are subtle, but feel sophisticated. I look the same- infinitely preferable to scarily or even slightly distorted- but there is an unmistakable overall effect. My face looks lifted, my skin less crumpled and my jaw line tauter. And I absolutely LOVE the nose Botox. It’s totally worked.

Yes, but I recognise it’s expensive for a subtle change. My Botox was worth around £350 in total and, while I do get lots of compliments along the “you look well” lines, one colleague delighted in telling me she couldn’t see a difference. And she’s right- I do look the same, though it’s the “better” same you wish your really expensive moisturiser would achieve. It’s about looking fresh, not taking 10 years off. And while this may be the new wave of Botox-very clever it is, too-that’s something we’ve heard before.

For details about Medicetics, call 0207 402 2033