Do Non-Surgical Facelifts Actually Work?

Daily Mail June 2013

Jane Schulz, 52, works in sales administration and lives in West London. She is married to Rob, an engineer, and has four grown-up children. She says:

I grew up in South Africa in the Seventies, when there was no such thing as sunscreen. The effects of sun damage, my old smoking habit, and the menopause were visible on my face.
My skin was crepey and loose, and as I am very slim, there was no fat on my cheeks to pad things out.
I didn’t like to smile because I hated the way the deep lines around my eyes creased. Worst of all were the lines which went from my nose, past my mouth, and to my chin.
They dragged my face down, making me look jowly, sad and old. Every time I looked in the mirror I felt depressed.
A surgical facelift was not an option for me, as I have a blood clotting disorder. Instead, to tackle the wrinkles, I opted for a £2,800 Liquid Facelift, a combination of fillers and Botox, with Dr. Vicky Dondos at the Medicetics clinic in London.
While Botox paralyses muscles and erases frown lines, facial fillers containing hyaluronic acid plump out sagging skin and create a lifted effect, which should last for a year.

Day One:
Vicky injected Botox around my eyes and into the bridge of my nose to treat my crow’s feet and frown lines. After applying a cream anesthetic, she injected filler into my cheeks and around my mouth.
The Botox injections weren’t too painful – the worst bit was when the filler was injected into my cheeks with a bigger needle.
After that all I felt were unpleasant tugging, pulling and pushing sensations. The experience was about as enjoyable as a visit to the dentist, but at least it only took an hour, including the consultation.
When I left the clinic, I was puffy and swollen. I didn’t sleep much that night, as my face was sore.
I woke up with my skin feeling tight and a big bruise in the middle of my right cheek – a side-effect of the injection.
Luckily, when I had to go to work, foundation covered most of the bruise. The colleagues who knew I was having the treatment said they were surprised at how swollen my face was.

Week One:
The swelling and tenderness in my face still hadn’t gone – but, other than that, I was amazed by the results so far.
When I smiled, my crow’s feet were already much better.
The frown line between my eyes had started to soften and half my wrinkles seemed to have vanished.
My jowls were all but gone. My nasolabial lines – or laughter lines – were also almost non-existent. In general, my skin texture was smoother and tighter.
Before the treatment, I’d been worried that I’d end up with a ‘frozen’ look. Instead, I appear younger, happier and calmer.

Month One:
As the swelling subsides, the effect has become more subtle and natural looking. The filler attracts water, so my skin is definitely not as dehydrated as usual.
I can’t feel the filler at all. It just feels like my own youthful face – much plumper and bouncier. Friends constantly pay me compliments, and several have asked for the name of my doctor. My daughters think it’s amazing, and my husband tells me I look beautiful and years younger.
My confidence has been transformed. I’ve started taking more care of my hair, and make-up suddenly seems worthwhile.
When I think how a facelift would have cost me up to £10,000, my treatment seems good value. It has taken around ten years off my face.

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