PRP/PRGF (platelet rich plasma), also known as the ‘Vampire Facial’ offers skin rejuvenation treatment in a 100% autologuous way,  meaning that nothing external is introduced to the skin.  The recent introduction of the Endoret Centrifuge uses state of the art technology to obtain a far more concentrated form of your own blood plasma to stimulate skin cell regeneration.  PRGF stands for Plasma Rich Growth Factor and has been introduced into the practise recently by Dr Sepideh Etemad-Shahidi.  Used in dental surgery and sports medicine for  over 15 years, the evidence is clear: the use of PRGF significantly improves healing, reducing pain and swelling.  PRGF is also proven to thicken hair, by increasing the number of hair strands per follicle, and is an effective treatment for scar reduction.

As for PRGF’s effects on the skin, it works by slowing down the ageing process and for regeneration and correction, with improvements in fine lines and skin laxity seen as little as 24 hours after the first treatment.

The lowdown:
  • A Medicetics doctor will take a small sample of your blood, The PRGF®-Endoret® centrifuge device then isolates, concentrates and extracts “growth factors” from your own blood in minutes.
  • We then use our U225 mesotherapy gun to administer multiple micro-injections, delivering your own concentrated growth factors directly into the mesoderm/middle layer of skin.
  • ZERO risk of allergic reaction. This is a very safe procedure.
  • Virtually painless, using the U225 gun there is no need to use any anaesthetic cream.
  • No downtime (mild redness can be easily covered and settles within hours).
  • Compatible with other aesthetic procedures.
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