Red Anti-Ageing Special: Ask the Cosmetic Doctor

If you’re after something stronger than a facial, how do you know what to ask for, and where to go? Red’s beauty director Annabel Meggeson quizzess the country’s top experts

Q: How often should you have Botox?
A: There were as many different answers to this as experts we asked, but Dr Vicky Dondos’ advice rang especially true. ‘It depends how much you have and what look you want. The trend at the moment is for small doses, which can mean topping up every four-ish months, if you want to maintain the look. Otherwise, most people last six months on an average dose. But with Botox, as with everything, there is a price to pay for using it without pause. Our skin is like Glastonbury – it needs a fallow period. There’s a lot to be said for enjoying the benefit of a little light work for as long as it lasts, then accepting a period in which skin returns to normal. After that, you can dip in again.’

Q: I want fuller lips, but how can I avoid ending up with a trout pout?
A: You need a great doctor whose work you have witnessed and like the look of. You also need to accept that your lips might not be suitable for enhancing. ‘If volume is lost through ageing, it can usually be restored,’ says Dr Geoff Mullan of Medicetics (who did a fantastic job on my lips a couple of years ago). ‘But some lip shapes don’t make good candidates for enhancement. That upturned, fish-like look come when the vermillion border (the roll between the pink and the white parts of the lip) is overfilled – or should never have been filled in the first place. That said, one thing that nearly always works in a tiny amount of filler on the two points of the Cupid’s bow and in the very centre of the body of the lip. It gives an elegant, subtle effect that doesn’t change the shape of lips, but does accentuate their important landmarks. Another trick I use is to add a little filler at the back the top lip sits on your front teeth – it’s especially helpful if your lip is prone to “disappearing” when you smile.’

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