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Red Magazine June 2016

Medicetics has featured in the July 2016 Red Magazine

“It’s not often a treatment comes along that is truly revolutionary. Botox was one, IPL another. Both delivered consistent, provable, visible results – no ambivalent, “It can take three months to see the full effects” true of so many beauty therapies on the market today. Well, now there’s another: Cutera Excel V (Cutera, I think, for short, is fine) uses laser technology to target red veins, which gather like tiny spider’s legs round both nostrils in my case, but in others take the form of rosacea or varicose veins. With some other treatments, it can be painful and the veins come back, but I tried Cutera two weeks ago and I can confidently report that a) it didn’t hurt and b) the veins have pretty much gone. I’ll need one more treatment – a topup to seal the deal – but I’ve pretty much retired the concealer already. The result is my skin now looks cleaner and creamier overall. It’s a small but significant improvement It’s the real deal.”


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