Stride Into Spring

Spring is here at last. Time to come out of the winter hibernation, and start thinking about shedding those heavy layers. Soon it will be time for a little skin exposure and maybe even bare legs! Hard to imagine currently, but it often comes around faster than we expect – or are ready for…

Now is a good time to deal with anything on a physical level that is affecting your confidence, and aside from the obvious exercise/healthy eating aspects of our lifestyle that we can address, there are, for many people, other issues which can actually be treated very easily. One of these issues, which is estimated to affect about half of women in their 20s and a whopping 70 per cent of women post 50, is thread veins (aka spider veins).

Thread veins and spider veins

Thread veins and spider veins most commonly occur in the legs, and affect about half of women in their 20s and a whopping 70 per cent of women post 50. They are often called “spider veins”, as they resemble the intricate, twisted patterns of a spider web. They are completely harmless and usually occur due to weakened or damaged valves within the veins. The valves are responsible for ensuring that blood doesn’t flow backwards as it is being pumped back towards the heart against the force of gravity.

If these valves stop doing their job efficiently, it can cause a backup of blood and lead to thread/spider veins. Sometimes they can also appear as a direct result of an injury, sun exposure or hormone changes. Many of our patients notice a worsening post-pregnancy.

Treating thread veins with Microsclerotherapy at Medicetics

Microsclerotherapy (leg vein injections), is considered to be the gold standard treatment for treating thread veins on the legs. A solution known as Sclerosant is injected which causes the vein to swell and eventually be destroyed. Treatments take only 30 minutes to perform, there’s no need for surgery or anesthesia – just a simple injection can start eliminating the appearance of broken veins.

At Medicetics, we often combine Microsclerotherapy with our state of the art Excel V vascular (KTP/ Nd:Yag) laser. Your practitioner will discuss the pros and cons of both methods and a personalised plan at your initial consultation.

It’s important to note that this treatment is not for varicose veins (raised/lumpy veins) on the legs; these veins need to be treated using a different method by a vascular surgeon. And if you suffer from thread veins on your face, then the Excel V laser treatment would be more appropriate.

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