Susannah Taylor: The truth about supplements

However, as much as we all want to eat the perfect diet, our busy lives sometimes don’t allow it, something that surgeon and medic Dr Geoff Mullan fully understands. On a mission to improve our health, he started Humanpeople (, a state-of-the-art personalised service set to take the guesswork out of taking supplements. He says it’s a fact that people aren’t taking the correct amount and that millions are spent every year on ones we don’t need because we are swayed by fancy packaging and false promises.

Working with a team of doctors, revered functional nutritionist Christine Bailey, and using the latest diagnostic technology, combined with top medical research, Dr Mullan has created a highly accurate next-generation home health assessment tool. It works like this: you fill in an online health questionnaire covering everything from your weight and size to diet, bathroom habits, sleep, stress levels, mood and medication. Humanpeople then sends you a blood test (£159 as a one-off fee). Together, this then gives an in-depth, science-backed report of your deficiencies, so the exact supplements you need can be prescribed. Dr Mullan says that it’s vital to give people a supplement at the correct strength according to their bloods, weight and build – ‘not a one-size-fits-all approach’.

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