Take it like a man

Tatler February 2015

Jonathan Thompson bravely submits to a range of terrifying sounding new procedures for chaps – including Botox sprinkling and fat melting -in order to try to make himself gorgeous again.

‘What the hell happened here?’ asks Tom, peering at my scalp. Tom knows my head better than I do, hence his confusion. You see, Tom’s job for years has been to take my hair off – but this time somebody’s put it back on. Four weeks prior, and I’m lying on a treatment table somewhere near Harley Street, crushing a pink rubber duck in one hand as yet another injection goes into my skull. It hurts. A lot. ‘We used to have a stress ball in the shape of a doctor,’ says Vicki Smith, director of aesthetics at Absolute Aesthetics, my syringe-wielding tormentor. ‘But a patient tore its head off.’

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