The Damage Corrector

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Who: Dr Geoffrey Mullan Cosmetic Surgeon works at Medicetics

Best for Sun damage

Sun damage will get the best of us, however, the level of damage varies enormously depending on:
1. Genetics
2. Sun exposure, especially how much unprotected sun we got before the age of 18 that’s when most of the damage is down and also when we get the most sun exposure.
3. Tobacco, smoking cigarettes accelerates the rate of damage and affects our ability to repair the damage.

Geoffrey’s experience means he will know exactly how to diagnose and treat your particular type of pigmentation. Different skin types are treated in different ways. Fair skin often reacts very well to IPL laser, Medicetics use one of the most advanced US lasers made by Palomar, they are highly specialised and get excellent results in only a couple of sessions.
For darker skin types he recommends the Obagi Nuderm prescription, a range of very strong topical products that clear pigmentation.

At home: prevention is always best not only does sunscreen stop further skin damage it also keeps the skin looking supple as it stops the dead outer layer of skin getting thicker.

Secret weapon: Prepping sun damaged skin with microdermabrasion before IPL treatment allows better penetration and improved results.