The Light Fantastic

Red Magazine November 2016

Dr. Vicky Dondos explains to Red Magazine; “WHY skin tone MATTERS”

”Pigmentation, caused by a combination of UV exposure and hormonal fluctuations in later life, is a huge issue for around 70% of our clients,” says leading aesthetician and co-founder of Medicetics skin clinics Dr Vicky Dondos. ”It’s the stealth ager. An uneven skin tone doesn’t reflect light as well as a clear and unified one, and when you lose that light, you lose your youthful glow. Botox can work wonders, but I can often make more of a difference by cleaning up a client’s complexion first. If you think about it, it’s the reason most of us wear foundation.” It’s true: while we can make peace with the creases around our eyes, in the hope they show we’ve lived well and laughed, there’s little charm in a smatter of blotches across your cheek.

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