The Times: We men hate our love handles

April 2018

Dr Geoff Mullan, 41, on how he got rid of his

There are lots of men out there like me. We go to the gym, we are in pretty good shape, but we have that extra bit of fat on our hips and in our midriffs that we can’t seem to lose.

However much we exercise or watch what we eat, those love handles won’t shift.

I am 41, im pretty fit, I run quite a bit and do a couple of triathlons a year, but that bit of bulge in my lower abdomen was bothering me. It’s that small roll that you can notice above your trousers if you are wearing a suit and which makes you look more middle-aged than you would like.

For this reason, I did what has become one of the most popular treatments in our clinic on myself – fat freezing, also known as Coolsculpting, the non-surgical method to get rid of “grabbable” fat, which works by freezing your fat cells and causing them to die and disappear.

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