Hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating) can be treated with Botox injections to the afflicted area. A single 15-minute treatment session in the underarm area will reduce sweating 90-100% for 5-10 months.

At Medicetics in London and Cirencester, our doctors are highly skilled and experienced in treating excessive sweating with Botox injections. The active ingredient in Botox helps dull the overactive signals that the brain is sending to the sweat glands; as a result, sweating ceases.

It only takes one Botox injection in the afflicted area to see results. Clients will need to undergo regular Botox injections every three to six months to maintain results. Clients who undergo hyperhidrosis treatments at Medicetics report feeling more confident and secure since they no longer have to worry about excessive sweating.

To learn more about treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) with Botox injections, book your consultation with a Medicetics doctor today.

1. It’s not just the underarms.

Hyperhidrosis can afflict multiple parts of the body, including palms of the hand and even the bottoms of feet. Regardless of where hyperhidrosis strikes, Botox injections will still be effective.

2. Hyperhidrosis is more than cosmetic.

Excessive sweating may just seem like a cosmetic issue, where you can’t wear certain articles of clothing. However, hyperhidrosis can impact a person’s quality of life by making it difficult to hold a pen, use a steering wheel, or even grip hands.

3.There’s no known cause for hyperhidrosis. It’s thought that excessive sweating comes down to genetics; other researchers claim that heat and emotions can trigger hyperhidrosis.

4.Over-the-counter products rarely help.

Because hyperhidrosis is caused by overactive sweat glands, this means that antiperspirants and other products don’t treat the actual cause of excessive sweating. This is why Botox is an excellent solution for hyperhidrosis.

5. Hyperhidrosis is not due to a nervous disposition.

Although the thought of excess sweating in a social situation can cause anxiety, anxiety is NOT the root cause of hyperhidrosis. Hence treatments like beta blockers are not an appropriate treatment.

You may be a good candidate for hyperhidrosis treatments if:

• You sweat more than necessary
• You break out into sweats even when you’re in a cool environment • You experience excessive sweating in your underarms, on your feet, and on your head
• You feel embarrassed by your excessive sweating

Aftercare and Recovery

During your Medicetics consultation, you’ll meet with your doctor, who will discuss what to expect from Botox injections for hyperhidrosis. During the procedure,Botox injections will be placed in the area where you’re experiencing excessive sweating. Patients will see an immediate improvement in excessive sweating; these results can be maintained by scheduling Botox injections every four to ten months.

Mild side effects may occur with these Botox injections, including slight swelling, discomfort at the injection site, and redness. These side effects tend to dissipate within 48 to 72 hours.


Hyperhidrosis (Hands): £550
Hyperhidrosis (Underarm): £550

*Additional £50 when treated by one of our Medical Directors