Laser Hair Removal

  Latest cutting edge, super fast, comfortable, long term hair reduction. Hair removal can be a time-consuming job for both men and women. It can also be a source of embarrassment for some people. Laser hair removal offers a long-lasting solution to this problem. We have recently upgraded our equipment, and now use the Ellman Cheveux II Diode laser, which is a quicker and more effective machine. Ellman is an American Laser company and the Cheveux works in the same way as the Soprano Ice. The sophisticated sapphire glass cooling system and scanning treatment techniques make treatment much more comfortable than older devices. The laser sensation is often compared to the sting of an elastic band on the skin. However, with our new machine, this short, sharp pain is virtually eliminated. It will feel warm, but thanks to the integrated Contact Cooling Tip, comfort and protection are maximised. The area may look a little pink after treatment but this is temporary, and you can return to your normal activities straight away.
  • Treatment lengthLegs 45 min, back 40 min., armpits 15 min
  • Treatment levelMedium
  • DowntimeNil
  • Final result5- treatment
  • Need to come early?15 minutes
  • Risks/ problemsRedness
  • Practitioner levelAesthetician
  • Duration resultsLong lasting
  • Review?On request
  • Review?Course 5-6 treatments

1. Six to eight treatments are needed for each area. This is because there are three phases in your hair cycle: growth, regression, and rest, and it is only during the growth stage that laser treatment will be effective.

2. The laser disrupts hair regrowth so that it will be unable to grow back once removed (unless there are underlying hormonal issues).

3. The Cheveux uses Smooth Flow 10P Technology, which delivers 10 energy pulses to the required area for a comfortable, quick treatment that effectively stunts hair growth.

4. Works on all skin tones, and on the majority of hair colours, although white, ginger and grey hairs cannot be treated. It is important that the skin is free from tan.

5. No waxing, tweezing or depilatory creams for three weeks prior to treatment. It is advisable to shave the area the day before your appointment so that the procedure is comfortable, but it is possible to see where the hair is located.

Underarm Hair Removal
Shaving the underarms can often result in an unattractive, uncomfortable rash. It is an area where hair needs to be removed daily, which is inconvenient. Laser hair removal can take this menial task away from the client, leaving smooth underarms. It is one quickest areas to treat thanks to its small area.

Bikini Hair Removal
An unsightly bikini line is even more evident in the summer, and shaving can leave it bumpy and stubbly, and waxing means growing it out for a while. Laser hair removal can be completed within twenty minutes over six to eight sessions so that you can wear your swimwear with confidence.

Arm and Leg Hair Removal
Shaving the arms and legs is more time consuming than other areas, and needs repeating regularly. Waxing requires a few weeks of hair growth, which many people do not want to wait for. Laser hair removal is the obvious solution, with four to eight sessions of one hour required.

Laser Hair Removal for Men
A smooth chest and back are only achievable through laser hair removal. Shaving leaves stubble, and waxing is painful. Four to eight sessions are required, and last an hour for each area. The results are not completely long-lasting, but do last longer and look better than other options.

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