VisioFace® Skin Analysis

Instead of a “one-treatment-fits-all” approach, your Medicetics skin-pro will use the skin analysis examination to determine your individual skin issues. We look into what is causing the problems today as well as what future issues you might encounter without treatment.

With the VisioFace® Complexion Analysis System, we can view the surface your skin in microscopic detail and also look deeper down for warning signs that are often unseen to the naked eye.

This enables us to make the best product recommendations, as well as to monitor change. New products and treatments can be objectively assessed – but also we can pinpoint the changing needs of your skin as you adjust your diet or lifestyle, or simply move from one season to the next.

The skin analysis technology combines photography and software to pinpoint sun damage, wrinkles, and other skin issues – even those that might be hiding underneath your skin. We see the warning signs – addressing problems before they have even occurred.

The technology can be used on a regular basis to help you identify how your skin has been improving, and if there are any other new issues you should be aware of.

Please take your make-up off at least 2 hours before the analysis for best possible results

  • DowntimeNone
  • Length of Treatment30mins

Dehydration – Why is your skin dehydrated?

Our device not only gives us an accurate measure of your skin’s hydration levels, it also looks at TEWL (trans-epidermal-water-loss) – how effective your skin is at keeping moisture in. You might need to support and strengthen your skin barrier, not simply reach for a richer moisturiser.

Surface Roughness – how can we best wake-up your skin’s natural turnover process?

In your teens it takes just 2 weeks for a new epidermal skin cell to form, rise to the surface layer and be shed. By your 40’s this process  can take as long as 6 weeks. Sluggish turnover often results in a build up of dead skin cells, creating  a dull reflective surface, not the fresh, smooth glow of healthily exfoliated skin. We take several measures of this skin function, desquamation, to know which products will work best for you without doing any harm.

Loss of Elasticity – how much of that sagging is down to poor skin elasticity?

Lines and Wrinkles – we use the highest quality images to properly measure improvements.

Pore size –  microscopic images allow us to monitor how well we are doing at improving the appearance of large pores.

Sensitivity – high-res imaging will reveal any red vessels developing on the surface,which are potentially exacerbating sensitivity as well as being a sign of it. Combining this with the data on skin barrier strength gives us powerful insight into the cause of any skin sensitivity.

Pigmentation  – UV imaging is needed to see deeper pigmentation/ sun damage that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. But we also take hi-res shots to accurately monitor progression, pre-post summer and pre-post treatment!

Redness – 80% of our patients suffer from redness, from small patches around the nose that require daily concealer to full-blown flushing, rosacea and acne rosacea. All of which can be treated successfully at Medicetics.

1. Skin Analysis leads to better results.
Skin analysis reveals the exact conditions and problem areas your skin is suffering from. This way, you get the treatment you actually need – and that leads to better results.

2. It is derived from research technology.
Multiple probes are applied to the skin to analyze both the form and function allowing an assessment of the healthiness of your skin.

3. It delivers a better consultation.
Clients who can’t quite identify why they’re suffering from skin problems enjoy better consultations with the skin analysis. Instead of a trial-and-error approach to skin care, the analysis provides an exact blueprint for achieving better skin.

4. Skin analysis is performed on a regular basis.
Your skin analysis will be performed on a regular basis to help keep track of results. That way, your Medicetics skin-pro can adjust treatments, as well as show you how your skin is responding to treatments.

5. Analysis is more than skin-deep.
Rather than just looking at the surface of the skin, skin analysis examines the deepest skin layers to not only identify current problems, but future ones. From sun damage to acne, skin analysis can stop problems before they start.