Dermatological Grade Facials

...yes, we do facials too!

So many of our patients have been asking recently: are facials really worth it? YES,  it really does pay to get a regular facial. Not just as a quick-fix boost for that special party or event – although our medi-facials will certainly do that – but also as a savvy  long-term investment in the quality of your skin, not just for  tomorrow, but for the coming years and decades.

A good facial can remove dead skin cells, extract impurities and improve hydration, so that the skin looks years younger and totally refreshed. It will also prime your skin to absorb and respond to your daily skin care products, so that they can go in deep and do their job.

Medicetics’ dermatalogical grade facials, not only use facial massage to boost circulation and lift and brighten the skin, our aestheticians also have a barrage of hi-tech tools at their disposal, from Dermalux light treatments, through to alow level lasers and radio-frequency skin tightening, all of which ensure results last far beyond the 3-5 day boost of a typical salon-facial.

Your aesthetician will work closely with our doctors, regularly meeting to discuss your progress and updating and modifying your treatment plan in line with your skin’s changing needs, every time you visit.

Your initial assessment will cover
  • Skin type analysis.
  • Specific skin concerns on the day, which may change with the seasons/diet/time in your cycle/stress levels.
  • Whether you can afford a short period of downtime, when your skin is slightly red or dry, to reap glowing long term results. Or absolutely not – you’re on a deadline!
  • How often you are able to come for treatments through the year/ how much you are prepared to do at home.

All of our Medicetics signature facials include – a double cleanse, lymphatic drainage massage, intense hydration, hydradermabrasion extractions, mini-peel exfoliation, tailored LED phototherapy and antioxidant rejuvenation.

Our aestheticans will advise if you could benefit from additional ‘mini-tweakments’. These could include mesotherapy, medical needling, laser genesis, IPL or radiofrequency skin-tightening, for a healthier, tighter, glowing complexion.

We believe this investment in your skin now will not only give you an instant wow factor today but will also dramatically improve your complexion in the long term, having profound and long-lasting effects on your skin quality and resilience.

Our most popular Dermatological Facials
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