What Is the Difference Between a Mole and a Skin Tag?

Moles and skin tags can make individuals feel less than confident, especially when they’re on visible parts of the body.  For people who have these marks, it can be difficult to wear revealing clothing or feel comfortable with their skin exposed, whether in public or private.

But what’s the difference between a skin tag and a mole – and is there any treatment that can help remove these imperfections from your skin?

Moles and Skin Tags 101

While some moles and skin tags can look similar, they’re actually quite different.  Moles usually have a symmetrical border and have the same kind of color throughout; with regards to the latter, most moles are typically brown or pink.  The only exception to this standard is when the mole has jagged edges or changes colors.  Should this occur, it’s vital for the client to seek medical attention so the mole can be tested.

Many people are born with moles, while others can be developed over time due to sun exposure.  New moles should be examined to ensure that they’re not cancerous.

Skin tags are pieces of thick skin that appear to hang off of the skin.  These are commonly around the eyes, but they can also appear on the neck, back, arms, and even legs.  Skin tags aren’t dangerous, but they can bleed.  Skin tags typically develop over time; they’re especially common in older populations and those with diabetes.

Mole and Skin Tag Removal at Medicetics

While moles and skin tags may be different, many of the same treatments can be used to remove them from the skin

When you arrive for your consultation a Medicetics doctor will analyze and diagnose your mole or skin tag to ensure the best mole removal process possible.

The most common treatments are radiosurgery and laser treatments, which can be used to painlessly remove moles and skin tags, all while minimizing the appearance of resulting scars.

Whether you have a mole or a skin tag, Medicetics can remove it so you can enjoy flawless skin.  Any suspicious moles or skin tags are sent to an independent laboratory for testing to catch any skin issues that could lead to larger health problems in the future.

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