What's the big deal with Fillers?

Red Magazine November 2016

Fountain of youth and beauty, or fast track to freaky? With just-in stats from you. our Red readers, Rosie Green is deciding whether to take the plunge with help from Medicetics.

“Turns out, not so much. Given this widening interest, maybe I should try it so I can be a better-informed beauty editor? All this, plus looking at certain colleagues’ faces where there is no trace of anything unnatural, merely subtle, pretty enhancements (beauty eds are open about what they’ve had done, so I know what I’m looking at), is making me rethink. I ring the sage Dr Vicky Dondos, who wields her artistic needle on visiting Hollywood actresses, for advice. She tells me that doctors – good doctors who are skilled and experienced – are getting better-than-ever, really natural results with fillers today. She says now it’s not about before-and-after-style dramatic results, but small tweaks that can have a subtle beautifying, anti-ageing effect.”

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